• 2016 Drum! Magazine Drummie Award "World Percussionist of the Year" 
  • 2016 DRUM! Magazine First runner-up "Percussion Clinician of the Year"
  • Internationally recognized educator
  • Alfred Publication, author of book / DVD set An American Approach to World Percussion
  • A systematic approach to a variety of world percussion instruments and drum set
  • One-day residency to one-week intensive residencies at universities, community colleges, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools
  • Clinic tours to the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and South America
  • Potential clinic support from Yamaha, Sabian, Remo, Gon Bops, Vic Firth, Alfred Publications, ASI Audio and Cooperman

"Throughout the subsequent performance I was struck by Tom¹s
teaching from the bandstand. For every instrument he engaged that might have been unfamiliar to at least some segment of his large audience, he very succinctly summed up the cultural origins of his instrument and what he was about to express with them - making connections along the way to his obvious multi-cultural audience in such a way that he never appeared,to be lecturing or preaching, but instead demystifying his cornucopia of instruments in ways his audience truly seemed to appreciate."  Willard Jenkins, Artistic Director -DC Jazz Festival, Downbeat MagazineJazz Times

"Thanks for a great clinic! I can't wait to start working on some of your techniques! John H. Beck, Eastman School of Music

Tom’s residency at Radford was fantastic!  He was very generous with his time, and really connected with the students.  His teaching was clear, organized, and most importantly related to their lives as working musicians.  I would have Tom back anytime! - Robert Sanderl, Redford University

I have worked with Tom Teasley for well over a decade and he has always proved to be a highly adaptable professional partner for my public affairs section; I highly recommend him.  Most recently, Tom provided invaluable and creative programming during the COVID pandemic.  Haiti’s cultural life is very rich, and the Port-au-Prince Jazz Festival (PAPJazz) is the pinnacle of the nation’s musical celebrations.  The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince has a long history of funding PAPJazz and bringing jazz musicians to Haiti to perform.  While performances are important, what most motivates our engagement in PAPJazz is the opportunity to offer free workshops and Masterclasses to aspiring musicians, particularly those who are from disadvantaged communities.  Talented young musicians in Haiti are often neglected by a State that struggles to collect taxes and is permeated by corruption, resulting in underfunded schools and universities.  The COVID pandemic amplified these endemic problems.  Nevertheless, knowing Tom’s creativity and commitment to youth education, we contacted him to see if he could put together an extensive series of virtual workshops and performances for but PAPJazz and for young musicians.  Life is precarious in Haiti; music offers an escape and a possible future.  While the music industry changes, many of the changes can benefit Haitians, who often cannot easily leave Haiti.  Enter Tom Teasley.  Tom developed an extensive program that met three important needs: 1. He conducted an extensive musical exchange that included teaching new techniques and new musical styles for Haitian to use to build their own personal body of musical work; 2. He taught Haitians key business skills.  It is no longer sufficient to be just a musician in today’s environment, one must know how to raise funds, budget, charge for services, etc. Successful musicians today must also be business savvy; and 3. He taught the musicians that place is no longer as important as it once was.  Tom gave the musicians sound advice on how to self-market and how to use the manifold social media platforms to both raise their profile and help secure funding.  While doing this, Tom cheerfully overcame significant disruptions to the virtual programs in Haiti, where reliable electricity and internet does not exist.  When systems failed, Tom and our team worked together to overcome these limitations by finding immediate workarounds.  Tom was always cheerful about these challenges and very persistent, ensuring success for this program.  Tom also goes the extra mile, well above the initial program, Tom developed long term mentor relationships with many of the students he interacted with – the exchange continues to this day!  Working with Tom Teasley is a true pleasure, and his dedication and creativity has changed lives in Haiti.  I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Alexander N. Daniels

Public Affairs Counselor // Conseiller des affaires publiques

September 29, 2021

To whom it may concern:

After having been to North Cross School several times for previous in-person performances,

Tom Teasley led a virtual residency over three weeks in the spring of 2021. Through 17 live

virtual sessions, Mr. Teasley, a world-renowned global percussionist, worked with big and small

groups. He connected our upper school students with students in our school in Shanghai during

a joint session (approximately 250 attendees); performed for the lower and upper school, sharing

his wealth of knowledge about numerous percussion traditions (large group sessions);

collaborated with our student musicians of all ages through call and response and playing

together (individual classes); connected music and visual art through synesthesia, drawing

rhythm and pattern, collage representing layers of sound, and thematic video projects (individual

classes); discussed music as a form of diplomacy in a Global Studies seminar (small group

session); and led a discussion about creativity in the classroom with a group of faculty.

Mr. Teasley’s work and collaboration provided meaningful experiences far beyond a single

performance, and we are grateful to have been able to provide this extensive program in large

part through a grant from the Virginia Commission for the Arts.

Please feel free to contact me regarding the work Mr. Teasley and North Cross School did together.


Amy Jackson

Fine Arts Chair