Live Performances with Film

  • Perfect for Art Galleries, Movie Houses, Concert Venues and Educational Programing
  • Diverse offering of films including Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Lotte Reiniger's The Adventures of Prince Achmed, Avant Garde classics by Hans Richter and others. Also original multi media by Tom Teasley
  • Diverse music designed to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Includes world music, electro-jazz/funk and percussive jazz
  • Often includes an after concert talkback on world influences, creative process and question/answer

I have recently added several Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton films. I have found that American physical comedy works perfectly with my renewed interest in American jazz percussion. More samples coming soon!

Critics are loving it as are audiences!

"Percussion might be the perfect foil for Chaplin and Keaton's kinetic comedy. The music is a full partner to the film, creating a lively interplay between the two. You came away feeling like you understood Chaplin and Keaton's comedy more profoundly and realized how distinctly "percussive" Chaplin's physical movement often is." - Stephen Brookes -Washington-DC based journalist and former classical music critic for The Washington Post.

  "Tom Teasley delivers a brilliant live soundtrack that follows the comedic actions of Chaplin throughout the film." - Rusty Hassan - Jazz Historian, Jazz Radio Host, and Professor of Jazz History.