Time Travel CD

The Washington Post

"Tom… a veteran jazz percussionist, composer and teacher, shows little interest in the fusion-lite style that dominates contemporary instrumental music… is distinguished by the Washington musician's fluid percussion… His percussive style ranges from Afro-Cuban… to Indian. and beyond."
- Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post, 1996

Percussive Notes

"[Tom Teasley] is accomplished on drum set as well as on keyboard, marimba, vibraphone and other percussion instruments, and his many musical interests are reflected in this eclectic selection of music. 'For Max,' a solo dedicated to Max Roach… is well played and definitely shows a strong Roach influence. This is an excellent CD that explores some of the musical possibilities available to a well-rounded musician like Teasley."
- Tom Morgan, Percussive Notes, 1997

Jazz Times

"… good electro-acoustic moments here… tasteful drum statements… best stuff in the real time jazz tradition."
- Josef Woodard, Jazz Times, 1997

Rhythm Music

"Teasley's tune 'One World' best represents his artistic approach, combing the pizzicato string style from Bartok's Quartet No. 4 with sitar and kalimba synth patches played on a MalletKAt… tends to be a jazz drummer a la Elvin Jones."
- David N. Blank-Edelman, Rhythm Music, 1997

Talking Drums

"… he handles drum kit, keyboards, vibes, marimba, tabla and percussion programming with equal aplomb. A well played and planned album which clearly demonstrates the depth and breadth of Teasley's musicality… it stands as a case study in what a well-rounded percussionist should sound like."
- Stan Hall, Talking Drums, 1996

Radio Reviews, Time Travel CD

"How can Tom Teasley keep so many things going and all in great taste? This is among my top picks." - Jerry L. Atkins, KTZK

"Tom Teasley talks to us with his drums. His language is the simple and subtle rhythms of speech enunciating the beauty of jazz." - Oscar Treadwell, WVXU & The X-Star Network & KIPO Radio