Sounds You Can SEE

 Tom Teasley

World Percussionist, Multi-instrumentalist, Multi-media Artist, Composer, Educator

Welcome to my world where sight and sound intersect as one!  I am embracing film medium as a source of inspiration and experimentation combined with my original music. The result is unique and is a merging of visual magic and music. I am delighted to present Sounds You Can SEE!  What initially attracted me to this process were the musical movements of dance. My video choreography has a dance like quality derived from a variety of rhythms and cultures. The visual grew out of the music, showing how tightly in sync they are as one informs the other.  Sounds You Can SEE encompasses multiple spokes: Dada Reimagined is inspired by Dada masters Hans Richter and Viking Eggling and includes my original creations. The abstract visuals are matched with musical gestures that create an audio and visual medley. Wisdom features music, spoken word and universal wisdom as cultures weave and communicate, and Performance Collage experiments with a swirling of abstract realizations capturing some of my live performances.

The conceptualization of images in tight choreography with music is one frequently witnessed in a sophisticated music/dance performance. A combination of over fifteen  different instruments creates a dialogue and link between instruments, sounds, movement, and images. In combining visual and aural elements there are frequently instrumental and “visual leitmotif”, all corresponding in tandem: pitches low and high, images moving left and right to correspond to stereo panning as well as circular and angular passages. Specific gestures and techniques on an instrument are also visually mimicked.

 My collaborator, audio and visual engineer, Jim Robeson is an invaluable component of this creative work and it could not exist without his contribution. My international travels have greatly expanded my “world view” both literally and figuratively.

 I sincerely hope that you find enjoyment in this new direction of my work as it finds a home in galleries, performance art and other multi discipline collaborations.



Tom Teasley is a multi-dimensional performer and composer, crossing the boundaries of solo performance and performance art through the use of instruments from all over the world, cross-pollinating techniques from diverse traditions, and combining ancient percussion with digital technology. He is equally renowned as a theatrical composer, sound designer, and multi discipline collaborator. His work as a multimedia artist has been performed in concert, combined with dance and exhibited worldwide. His performance and recorded work has earned him numerous awards for theater, world music performance and cultural diplomacy. He has given historic performances in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraq. He has performed frequently throughout Europe, South America, the Far East, and the U.S.

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 Dada Reimagined

 Reimagines Dadaist Masters, 2014

 Music & Video Choreography, 5:48

Djembe with brush and hand, foot cowbell

Korg Wavedrum to trigger Tabla and Sitar sounds

Tom Teasley

 Rhythmus 14, 2014

Music & Video Choreography, 5:46

Frame Drum, Cooperman custom made Bodhran, Cowbell connected to a Foot Pedal

 Tom Teasley

Secrets of the Wine Dark Sea, 2014

Music & Video Choreography, 3:48

Aquasonic, Tuned Gongs, Cymbals, Pandeiro

 Tom Teasley

Nine Muses, 2014

Music & Video Choreography, 5:59

Frame Drums, Bendir, Djembe (with Brush), Cuica, Bongos


  *With Charles Williams

 African Proverbs, 2014 *

 Music, Spoken Word & Video Choreography, 4:10

Balafon, Doumbek 

 Traditional Apache Prayer, 2014 *

 Music, Spoken Word & Video Choreography, 2:12

Native American Flute

 Haikus For The Seasons, 2014 * (Poetry by Ruth Williams)

 Music, Spoken Word & Video Choreography, 2:21

Hang Drum, Wind, Shaker, Yamaha Glockenspiel

 La Ilaha Illallah/Hevenu Shalom Alejchem, 2014 *

 Music, Vocals & Video Choreography, 4:36

 Performance Collage

 The Apple Song, 2014

 Music & Video Choreography, 5:22

LP Djembe, Sabian Cymbals with Vic Firth Jazz Rakes, Remo Didgi-Harp, Bass, Alto Melodicas, MalletKAT

 Orestia Furies Dance, 2014

 Music & Video Choreography, 5:19

Balafon, Djembe, Shakers, Aquasonic and vocal percussion

 Produced by Tom Teasley

Audio and Video Engineering by Jim Robeson


Please enjoy this preview and EPK of the DVD Sounds You Can SEE