Global Standard Time


Latin, Brazilian, and Middle Eastern flavors abound, yet they're blended in such a way that the resulting dish hits the palate as wonderfully different, toying with each composer's original recipe to great effect. - Larry Nai, Jazziz, 2000


Jazz Improv

American jazz as played by drums of the world. Other sounds come into play, from pungent strings to a variety of flutes. The result is exotic while familiar, relaxing yet vigorous. In short, the time spent is far from standard… You listen, you enjoy, you want to hear more… Tom is restful, reflecting on some gentle vibes. He's lively on "Beautiful Love," ringing like Bags as the string players walk steady. The intensity builds, and the three toss little phrases; at it's best they sound like one instrument… it's a nice journey, when Tom Teasley travels the globe, times are good. - John Barrett, Jr. Jazz Improv, 2000

World Percussion Rhythm

Tom Teasley's third solo album is a wonderful mix of rhythms from around the world. He includes jazzy brushwork on kit, combines hip-hop and swing and Brazilian bossa nova and funky African vibes. He uses a wide range of ethnic instruments, including bodhran (Irish frame drum), riq (Egyptian tambourine), udu (African clay drum), gunta (clay hand drum) designed by Steve Wright) and traditional shakers, kit, triangle and vibraphone…. You can't classify it, but IT WORKS! 
Terry Reimer, World Percussion Rhythm, 2000

... a highly imaginative conceptualist... a colorful, intellectual musician, employing his talents in the orchestration of sound... ingeniously deploys unusual uses of unusual percussion... unlimited talents. - Douglas Payne,, 1999

… full of imaginative combinations... multicultural expressions… a fascinating mix. - Judith Schlesinger,, 1999

Radio Reviews

Global Standard Time 1999

"Global Standard Time is a great CD!" - Danny Lubovich, KURE

"Global Standard Time is getting lots of calls from listeners." - Dennis Woo, KTEP

"Global Standard Time is getting lots of response from listeners to my program 'Jazz and Beyond'." - Rob Hoff, WQLN